How Air Ducts are Cleaned

Our Air Duct Cleaning Crew are all certified and trained through NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaning Association).

Carolina Air Care uses a positive and negative air process. Once our certified duct cleaning team arrives at the home, we find each HVAC Unit and determine the best route to get equipment to that point. Generally the Air Handler is the ideal location to access the main Trunk Lines through the plenum box. We then will cut an 8” hole in the metal box and insert the 8” hose that is connected to a large commercial machine which will pull a vacuum throughout the main Trunk Line (return). We also will push a negative air through the supply lines and provide hot or cold air into your home.

Next, we will remove all the registers (vents) and hand wash each of them. Once that we have the negative air (suction) being pulled through the duct work, we will then access each supply vent and insert an item called a “Whip”. The whip is just as it sounds, it is a tool at the end of our air line that we will insert into each of your supply vents with a positive air pressure between 160-175 lbs. This will create a process we call a negative/positive air duct cleaning. Then, the whip will be sent into each supply and return vent. The technician will at that time slowly allow air pressure to flow to the whip. The whip is designed with 8 rubber hoses which have a pin hole at the end of each tentacle. The pressure from the air will cause this whip to agitate and blow the dust/dirt to the main trunk line.

We will go back to where the vacuum is set up and change our tool with a negative air fitting which will be inserted into the main line and will reverse the air back to our vacuum that is hooked to your plenum box. Now, the air duct has been thoroughly cleaned with the best possible process available.

We also will inspect the coil inside the HVAC unit to make sure they are not dirty or damaged in any way. If the coil is dirty, we highly recommend having it cleaned as well. By cleaning the coil you prolong the life of your unit, allow better airflow, and remove odors present inside of your unit.

Finally we will spray the duct work with a mild scented deodorizer that will leave your home smelling great, this scent will only last approximately a day or so, but this will help with any smell that was inside the dirty duct work. Before leaving we will re-install each return filter and hand wipe each supply boot before we install and place your supply registers back into the proper location. The system will be tested to ensure that things are operating properly.

John has over 23 years of Indoor Air Quality experience. Some of the certifications he holds are: C.I.E Certified Indoor Environmentalist #00666 C.M.R Certified Mold Remediator #04124 Construction Engineering Technology Degree NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaning Association) Certifications: A.S.C.S Air System Cleaning Specialist # 9011357 C.V.I Certified Ventilation System Inspector # C203080526 V.S.M.R Ventilation System Mold Remediator # V303060706 Active Member of IAQA #1070 EPA Radon Certified
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