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Carolina Air Care started back in 1988 with founder Nat Cain, developing several HEPA filters for infection control in TB Hospital isolation wards. This was Nat’s starting point in offering services related to indoor air quality. After many projects, Nat discovered that many situations could only be partially improved on due to dirty air ducts. And so, our journey into air duct cleaning began.

In 1992, John Cain started cleaning air ducts for his father. John became the first person in the company to become nationally certified for air duct cleaning.

By the year 2000, John had started performing mold tests and building inspections. This part of the business really took off! We formed Advanced Environmental Services to accommodate the demand for these services.

John is a Certified Indoor Environmentalist and a Certified Mold Remediation expert, as well as holding every Air Duct certification possible. Due to high demand and the lack of qualified mold remediation experts in the area, we added Mold Remediation as one of our offerings.


We believe that each of our technicians should be certified in their fields.  We feel that certifying our employees is the best way to ensure our clients getting the best possible quality of service and also provides a level of professionalism that is unmatched in our industry.

The training that comes before the certifications is immensely beneficial to our clients. We teach our employees every step of the service, the correct way to accomplish the tasks, and best of all, the reasons each action is performed. Having the knowledge of WHY you are performing a corrective action means that no steps are skipped and thus provides the client with a TRUE solution.

All of our employees must be re-certified annually and are additionally trained to OSHA Standards.


What is NADCA and why is it important?

NADCA stands for National Air Duct Cleaners Association.  NADCA was formed in 1989 with the intention of standardizing HVAC Cleanliness  and certifying only the most thorough. The best of the best.

Most Air Duct Cleaning services are either not NADCA certified, or only the owner may be certified. This is due to the rigorous standards and testing put forth by NADCA. It is not easy to pass these tests.

In addition to testing, all NADCA Certified technicians must agree to a code of ethics.

At Carolina Air Care, we take NADCA’s Code of Ethics very seriously. This is the reason that all of our technicians are NADCA certified or in the process of becoming certified.

Meet the Team!

  • John Cain Owner of Carolina Air Care Greenville SC

    John Cain


  • Chris Brown Carolina Air Care Greenville SC

    Chris Brown

    Operations Manager

  • Carol Street Carolina Air Care Greenville SC

    Carol Street

    Office Manager

John Cain, Owner

John has over 23 years of Indoor Air Quality experience.  Some of the certifications he holds are:

  • C.I.E Certified Indoor Environmentalist #00666
  • C.M.R Certified Mold Remediator #04124
  • Construction Engineering Technology Degree
  • NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaning Association) Certifications:
  • A.S.C.S Air System Cleaning Specialist # 9011357
  • C.V.I Certified Ventilation System Inspector # C203080526
  • V.S.M.R Ventilation System Mold Remediator # V303060706
  • Active Member of IAQA #1070
  • EPA Radon Certified

Chris Brown, Operations Manager

Chris has more than 8 years experience in:

  • Environmental Testing
  • Remediation Services
  • Project Management
  • C.I.E. Certified Indoor Environmentalist #1602004
  • 10+ years experience with facility maintenance
  • 5+ years experience Air duct and HVAC cleaning
  • 5+ years experience Waterproofing
  • 5+ years firsthand experience with mold remediation

Carol Street, Office Manager

Please feel free to contact Carol anytime with questions or requests.

  • Over 25 years in administrative experience
  • Over 7 years serving as an Office Manager in the construction industry
  • 20+ years with customer service records
  • Carol handles invoicing, purchasing, customer orders, and making sure the office runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.
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