Ultraviolet lights can be used in HVAC units for improved air quality.

UV Lights on an HVAC Air Quality Greenville SC| Musty Odor Removal Greenville SCHVAC units can create many unusual smells. Most of the smells are concentrated around the air coil. Air coils condensate water as they cool. Which means that the coil is in a warm, wet, dark place.  As dirt and dust collect on the coil, the coil stays wet, and bacteria and mold will grow.   Most people do not know how to keep up with the cleaning of their AC coil in their homes or businesses. Installing an ultraviolet light on the AC coil will help keep bacteria and molds to a minimum.  Having a clean AC coil will increase your airflow, in turn lowering your energy bill.  Keeping a clean AC coil also keeps odors lower, and also lowers the amounts of mold and bacteria in the air, thus relieving allergies.   The cost to install an ultraviolet light is typically between $1000 and $1200.   This includes the light, the installation, and the electrical work necessary to complete the job.

Many places already are using ultraviolet light technology for improved indoor air quality such as hospitals and pharmaceutical plants.

UV lights sanitize using the same UV wavelength as the sun.  Bacteria and mold cannot grow when directly exposed to ultraviolet lighting. Most people have noticed that on the sunny side of their home or building there’s no mildew present, but on the shady side mildew grows.  Mildew is a type of mold and sunlight kills the mold growth on the sunny side of the building.  When installing an ultraviolet light on your AC coil you are doing the same thing- exposing your coil to UV light and killing the mold. This is why the air starts to smell better after installing an ultraviolet light.

Ultraviolet lights have been in use since the 1960s. Their popularity for use in HVAC units has increased in the last 10 years as people realize the importance of indoor air quality.

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