What is Industrial Maintenance Cleaning?

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Any type of cleaning of equipment in a manufacturing setting (large or small) that keeps the equipment cleaner, performing more efficiently and/or to better tolerance setting,  or cleaning that helps create a manufactured product with less or no contamination in the product.

Industrial Maintenance Cleaning is most often cleaning of the equipment itself or the area around the equipment.  Most manufacturing type of equipment produces some type of dust, particulates, or oil-like mist.  These particulates may be made up of metal, plastic, paper, or wood. Every plant is different and every created particulate composition is unique.  The cleaning techniques are based upon what is being cleaning.  Many basic clean ups may only require vacuuming.  The volume of vacuuming can be very large from a 55 gallon drum to an entire truck load.  When cleaning up fluids such as oil or hydraulic residues other chemical cleaners are needed to break and remove the oils. During disposal, it is important to follow local, state, and federal guidelines.  Many disposed waste items at the end of a cleanup are not considered hazardous.  If there is any question, it is best to test the waste being disposed as this allows you to know where to take the waste and allows you to have the proper documentation on file if you are ever questioned.  Only use a cleaning contractor who is also properly disposing of your waste.

Qualified contractors to do your maintenance cleaning can be difficult to find.  Safety training is a must.  Workers need to be trained on ladder safety, fall safety, multiple types of lifts (scissors, one man, and articulating).  Experience really helps when working in an industrial setting, a plant is often louder, with more vibration, and larger than typical work places.  Workers need the mind set of safety first and then steady production. No one wants an injury at any job site.

Most plants do not have enough of their own employees during shut downs to do their own maintenance cleaning and employees are highly skilled in other areas rather than in cleaning.  Shut downs are high paced, intense days that require long hours.  When a plant is not running, no product is being made and with no product being produced money is being lost.  It is important to plan out all of the cleaning maintenance items well in advanced so all cleaning items are complete, avoiding additional down time.

Industrial maintenance cleaning is important for many reasons.  More efficient longer lasting equipment, Better quality products, and possible the most important is maintenance cleaning creates a a healthier environment for the employees.

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