Mold can enter your home or business in a variety of ways and can quickly grow, especially in areas with excess moisture. As mold spreads and contaminates your indoor environment, it can cause a number of health effects. Carolina Air Care offers professional mold remediation services, including complete testing and removal, in Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, and surrounding Upstate SC areas to eliminate mold contamination and ensure that your indoor environment is clean and healthy.Mold Testing Greenville SC

We offer complete mold remediation services, including:

  • Mold Testing
  • Mold Removal
  • Mold Prevention

Mold Testing & Removal

Our mold testing and removal services are designed to identify and correct the cause of mold growth. Our qualified technicians use a special containment process to prevent cross contamination and then thoroughly clean and sanitize all contaminated surfaces. EPA registered preventatives can be applied to prevent future mold growth. We also offer new construction mold prevention applications with a warranty.

Our qualified team will complete your mold remediation project according to EPA and IICRC guidelines. We are recognized by the American Indoor Air Quality council as Certified Mold Remediators and carry mold specific insurance.

Mold FAQs

The best way to know if your home has mold is to have us do an on-site inspection of your home.
Many people call for an on-site inspection because they have a musty odor or they see something on a wall, piece of furniture, or clothing that they believed to be mold. Often, people are correct in that they have found mold, but they cannot determine without experience the extent of the mold. Sometimes, it’s a medical problem and other times there is more than anyone expected.

Mold testing helps determine the type and often the severity of the problem.

Air testing and surfaces sampling for mold is the only was to identify the type of mold is present in your home or business. A lab report allows us to determine which molds, at what levels, and how critical a project may be.

If you believe it is an insurance loss- call your insurance company and they will send an insurance adjuster to see if you have coverage. If water damage caused any mold, be aware that only some insurance policies cover mold damage if caused by a covered water loss. If insurance is not involved contact someone immediately to start the drying process and determine if mold has begun to grow. It can be difficult to determine if water damage has caused any old damage so, the sooner you call someone to assess the situation the better.

If it is a small situation- 10 ft.² or less you might want to give it a try. If so, go to the EPA’s website and search for what homeowners can do themselves. Be aware that untrained people often make things worse or can potentially make themselves sick. I would not recommend anyone attempt to clean up a mold problem themselves without assessing where the problem originated from and a complete scope of work needed.

Mold grows in most homes due to high humidity, moisture, and water intrusion. Many people do not use their HVAC unit often enough to keep the humidity low within a home. Sometimes, saving a few dollars on your energy bill can create an expensive cleanup. 72 is a good temperature to be at here in SC.

All chemicals we used are EPA registered for use in air ducts or as a biocide for cleaning mold.

If someone is chemically sensitive we take extra precautions such as allowing 2 days of dry time, scheduling work when the property will not be occupied.

The chemicals we use when used correctly are considered safe by EPA however taking extra precautions is good practice.

Pets should not have any problems, but if possible remove the pets as an extra precaution.

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